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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sweet Baby Broccoli

Its common name is Sweet Baby Broccoli™, and it’s a veggie-style marriage of Chinese Kale (Gailan) and Broccoli. This virtual super food has prompted the latest brassica family crop craze. It’s sweeter on the palate, more tender than your average broccoli, and less bitter than kale. It’s the best of all worlds, and has become [...]

It All Comes Down to Seeds and Land

If you’ve ever wondered how Growers Express — a Green Giant® Fresh grower — selects the seeds it uses for the crispy vegetables and produce you eat at home, and further, how is selects the perfect real estate to produce those products, take a gander at the following video: As you can see, David Gill, [...]

Back to School Benefits for Green Giant® Fresh Customers

It’s Back to School time, and that means that those of us here at Green Giant® Fresh are once again excited to tell you about our Box Tops for Education® program, which is designed to encourage kids to eat healthy and earn money for their schools at the same time. Parents are urged to buy [...]

Recapping The Green Awards 2011

Green Giant was environmentally green decades before taking good care of the planet became a popular endeavor. In fact, sustainability initiatives have been a part of the Green Giant® legacy for more than a half-century. And so it was only appropriate that Green Giant be prominent among a coalition of the country’s leading environmental organizations [...]

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Artichokes

Did you know that artichokes – the super food of the Mediterranean – can assist in detoxing your liver and gallbladder, which in turn can lead to overall health and vitality? That’s right, you can count the artichoke as among your liver’s best friends. In fact, artichokes contain such potent amounts of the phytonutrients cynarin [...]