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It All Comes Down to Seeds and Land

If you’ve ever wondered how Growers Express — a Green Giant® Fresh grower — selects the seeds it uses for the crispy vegetables and produce you eat at home, and further, how is selects the perfect real estate to produce those products, take a gander at the following video:

As you can see, David Gill, a principal at Growers Express, describes the process of seed selection — and land selection — in the seed and site selection video above. For instance, selecting the best seed varieties and the best plot of land for a perfect crop is an ongoing task, something Growers Express continues to fine-tune year after year.

Here at Green Giant Fresh, we’re constantly working with our growers to rotate our ground because we can’t plant the same crop in the same block every year. David Gill correctly says it sometimes takes two or three years on a new piece of real estate to figure out which blocks are best for what crops. Adding to the complexity are “microclimates,” which means we have to have certain crops in certain areas at certain times of the year.

It involves a lot of advanced planning, but the result is the freshest, best-quality product that Green Giant Fresh can deliver.



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