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Food Truck Team – The Lime Truck – Wins Using Green Giant® Fresh Asparagus

Here at Green Giant® Fresh, we’ve always contended that those who partake of our fresh fruits and vegetables are the real winners in life, and for readers of our blog, that statement is like preaching to the choir. But now we’ve got proof positive that our produce is not only good for you, but can [...]

Our Passion for Health Goes Way Beyond Our Fresh Produce

When you think about it, Green Giant® Fresh pretty much has a solid handle on all things healthy. Our produce is picked at the height of perfection, packaged in the safest manner possible, and trundled off to market where you — our customers — know that if it has a Green Giant Fresh label on [...]

Back to School Packets Now Available for Box Tops for Education®

School is back in session and so is the ever-popular Box Tops for Education® program that helps parents and kids raise money for their local schools. Green Giant® Fresh is a big supporter of this program that is designed to help local school afford projects that they otherwise would have to do without. Things like [...]