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Meet The Team: Green Giant® Fresh VP of Technical Services Brian Stepien

Brain Stepien

Below is another in our long-running series of Meet the Team blog posts that gives us the opportunity to introduce you to the staff and team members at Green Giant® Fresh, as well as those who work with us in a variety of produce-related positions. Today we’re featuring Brian Stepien, who’s been with us more than two years as vice president of technical services.

Green Giant® Fresh: Who are you and what do you do here at Green Giant Fresh?

Brian Stepien: I cover a pretty broad range of responsibilities for the Green Giant Fresh program, which includes product safety, quality, research and development, and sustainability. Essentially, my team insures that all of our products — in all parts of the world — are produced safely and according to our stringent standards, and are also produced in a manner that is environmentally responsible. We’ve got a great team and I’m really excited about the things we’re doing.

GGF: What was your major in college and how did that prepare you for the job you have now?

BS: I studied food science in college, and in grad school as well. Quite a bit of what I studied in college directly applies to what I do day-to-day. I’m not sure there are a lot of folks who can say that.

GGF: Did you have any other job titles here at Green Giant Fresh before your current position?

BS: No, I started about two and a half years ago in the same role.  There have been a few changes, but more or less it’s the same position. 

GGF: What did you do before coming to work for Green Giant Fresh (i.e., Growers Express)?

BS: Essentially what I’m doing now — managing food safety and quality programs and related activities — only as an outside party  I worked with a broad array of organizations, from some of the world’s largest restaurant chains to retailers to shippers (like Green Giant Fresh) to small growers. I worked closely with Green Giant Fresh during that time, so I was very familiar with the company prior to coming on board. 

GGF: What was it that attracted you to work here?

BS: It was and remains a great opportunity in general. We have an excellent team with great leadership, talent and momentum.

GGF: When you’re not working, what do you like to do in your spare time?

BS: I’ve always enjoyed traveling, the outdoors, and anything to do with the ocean. 

GGF: What’s your all-time favorite Green Giant Fresh commodity?

BS: We produce a lot of great items, but I’d have to say Brussels sprouts right now.  They’re so versatile. 

GGF: If you could take a one-year paid sabbatical from work to set up and manage your own farm, what would you call it and what would you grow?

BS: That’s a good question. I’m thinking I’d want to be somewhere tropical and grow pineapple, or some other tropical fruit. Maybe in Costa Rica.  

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