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Green Giant® Fresh Just Got a Little Bit Sweeter

The Jolly Green Giant(R) has a long, flavorful history with Sweet Corn. In 1929 Green Giantintroduced vacuum-packed Niblets(R) “fresh whole kernel corn off the cob”. Four decades later, The Green Giant Company was the first to market frozen Corn on the cob with their new “Giant Size” Niblets Ear product. 2012 is where the next [...]

It All Comes Down to Seeds and Land

If you’ve ever wondered how Growers Express — a Green Giant® Fresh grower — selects the seeds it uses for the crispy vegetables and produce you eat at home, and further, how is selects the perfect real estate to produce those products, take a gander at the following video: As you can see, David Gill, [...]

From Barn Raising to Mortgage Burning

One of the happiest days in a farmer’s life is when the mortgage to the farm is paid off, and there were a lot of happy folks gathered at the Salinas Valley Fairgrounds earlier this month where a “Burning of the Mortgage” ceremony for two big red barns was concluded with a champagne toast. Growers [...]

Meet The Team: Green Giant® Fresh Grower Mike Hitchcock

Here is the second in our continuing series of Meet the Team blog posts, where we introduce you to the staff and team members at Green Giant® Fresh as well as those who work alongside us in a variety of produce-related fields (pun intended). Today we’re spotlighting Mike Hitchcock, a partner with Mission Ranches and [...]