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Food Truck Team – The Lime Truck – Wins Using Green Giant® Fresh Asparagus

(The Lime Truck's Jesse Brockman, left; Daniel Shemtob, right)

Here at Green Giant® Fresh, we’ve always contended that those who partake of our fresh fruits and vegetables are the real winners in life, and for readers of our blog, that statement is like preaching to the choir.

But now we’ve got proof positive that our produce is not only good for you, but can lead you to first-place honors on the winner’s podium, not to mention accolades from local food critics and the admiration of millions of viewers of The Great Food Truck Race.

If you’re a fan of this reality cooking show that is currently airing on the Food Network Channel, you already know that the competition is down to the final two teams who, when last seen, were en route to Miami Beach for the finale of this cross-country food frenzy.

This season began with eight specialty food trucks competing against each other for six weeks in different cities, starting in Malibu, Calif. The winner each week is the truck with the highest food sales total in that municipality. The truck with the least sales is eliminated, and must return home, while the remaining trucks advance to the next city.

Two weeks ago, The Lime Truck team out of Irvine, Calif., was loading up on provisions when we caught a glimpse on the TV screen of two team members handling a load of supplies that included a box of Green Giant Fresh Asparagus. Imagine our excitement! Now imagine our joy when the Lime Truck boys went on to win immunity for their offering that included a Read the rest of this entry…

Our Passion for Health Goes Way Beyond Our Fresh Produce

When you think about it, Green Giant® Fresh pretty much has a solid handle on all things healthy. Our produce is picked at the height of perfection, packaged in the safest manner possible, and trundled off to market where you — our customers — know that if it has a Green Giant Fresh label on it, it’s going to be good for you.

But our passion for health goes way beyond what we grow in the fields. We’re also all about the health and welfare of our employees. We appreciate the fact that a healthy workforce is the biggest reason for our success — and our worldwide reputation for fresh fruits and vegetables. That’s why we schedule a series of voluntary wellness clinics for our employees and their spouses.

This week, Principal Wellness Company will be conducting health screenings for Green Giant Fresh employees onsite at our various facilities, and that screening once again is extended to spouses as well. In addition, employees who participate will receive a screening incentive.

What do these screenings entail? Only about 30 minutes of an employee’s time, for starters. Wellness professionals gather confidential information on Read the rest of this entry…

Back to School Packets Now Available for Box Tops for Education®

(click to download the packet)

School is back in session and so is the ever-popular Box Tops for Education® program that helps parents and kids raise money for their local schools. Green Giant® Fresh is a big supporter of this program that is designed to help local school afford projects that they otherwise would have to do without. Things like playground equipment, new books and after-school programs, for example.

What Green Giant Fresh brings to the picnic is a selection of its fresh food products, each featuring a box top that can be turned in to your local school, where it is magically turned into cash, which is then turned into projects and facilities on campus! We’re the only fresh produce brand that is working with Box Tops for Education, and you can find our box tops on packages of iceberg lettuce, romaine hearts, cauliflower, asparagus, sweet potatoes, broccoli and raisins.

And now, parents can get an assist by printing out Read the rest of this entry…

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Sweet Baby Broccoli

Sweet Baby Broccoli™ from Green Giant® Fresh

Its common name is Sweet Baby Broccoli™, and it’s a veggie-style marriage of Chinese Kale (Gailan) and Broccoli. This virtual super food has prompted the latest brassica family crop craze. It’s sweeter on the palate, more tender than your average broccoli, and less bitter than kale. It’s the best of all worlds, and has become all the rage among chefs and restaurateurs worldwide.

According to the Nutrition Diva, Sweet Baby Broccoli is a more-than-ample nutritional swap for broccoli or kale. In fact, each serving contains just as much cancer-fighting sulforaphane as your average broccoli stalk. So on top of getting Vitamins A and C, calcium, fiber and folate, you get the preventative and curative benefits of broccoli’s phytonutrient spectrum!

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not baby broccoli at all. What it is is  a full-grown specimen of versatile, nutrient-rich vegetable goodness to be enjoyed raw or cooked any time of the year.

Cooking With Sweet Baby Broccoli – Tip No. 1: Sweet Baby Broccoli is much more tender and sweet than its Broccoli relative s, so please don’t overcook.  A quick sauté in olive oil, or even sesame oil will do the trick to tenderize and release the vital phyto-nutrients and offer you a tasty side dish to any meal.

We all know the challenge of getting your kids to chow down on their greens, so the versatility and improved longevity of this green machine can be an ideal snack fix for your kid-friendly crudités.

A crunchy and sweet snack dipped into Read the rest of this entry…

It All Comes Down to Seeds and Land

If you’ve ever wondered how Growers Express — a Green Giant® Fresh grower — selects the seeds it uses for the crispy vegetables and produce you eat at home, and further, how is selects the perfect real estate to produce those products, take a gander at the following video:

As you can see, David Gill, a principal at Growers Express, describes the process of seed selection — and land selection — in the seed and site selection video above. For instance, selecting the best seed varieties and the best plot of land for a perfect crop is an ongoing task, something Growers Express continues to fine-tune year after year.

Here at Green Giant Fresh, we’re constantly working with our growers to Read the rest of this entry…

Back to School Benefits for Green Giant® Fresh Customers

It’s Back to School time, and that means that those of us here at Green Giant® Fresh are once again excited to tell you about our Box Tops for Education® program, which is designed to encourage kids to eat healthy and earn money for their schools at the same time.

Parents are urged to buy Green Giant Fresh broccoli, cauliflower, iceberg lettuce, romaine hearts, asparagus, and sweet potatoes, and then clip the Box Tops coupons to earn cash for their children’s school. Schools can earn 10 cents for each Box Top coupon that is redeemed on the Green Giant Fresh Box Tops website. It’s truly as easy as that. Read the rest of this entry…

Recapping The Green Awards 2011

Green Giant was environmentally green decades before taking good care of the planet became a popular endeavor. In fact, sustainability initiatives have been a part of the Green Giant® legacy for more than a half-century.

And so it was only appropriate that Green Giant be prominent among a coalition of the country’s leading environmental organizations in recognizing individuals who are impacting their neighborhoods in a green, more sustainable manner.

We’re talking about The Green Awards, a program that brought environmental leaders, green celebrities and sustainable business professionals together earlier this year to recognize four finalists for their efforts to become local “green giants.”

And this year’s inaugural event prompted hundreds of entries from across the country, drawn by a well-organized publicity campaign and word of mouth from dozens of environmental groups and Green Giant® Fresh customers just like you.

Adding huge clout and assistance to this fledgling competition were members of The Green Awards Board, consisting of representatives from nearly 20 members of the environmental community. These organizations range from the Rainforest Alliance to the Surfrider Foundation, from Bioneers to the League of Conservation Voters. All brought together with the goal of recognizing and rewarding everyday people for making a difference.

This first-ever competition resulted in well-qualified winners in four categories: Green Entrepreneur, Green Local Organizer, Green Civic Leader and Green Parent. Each applicant was required to submit a one-minute or less video that describes an initiative or idea that has a positive environmental impact and inspires others. In addition, applicants had to submit a maximum 100-word essay on how winning one of The Green Awards would help take their particular initiative to the next level.

Grand Prize-winners in each of the four categories received $25,000, and two runners-up in each category received $2,500, which could be used as seed money toward their environmental cause.

But let’s meet the inaugural winners of the The Green Awards for 2011: Read the rest of this entry…

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Artichokes

Did you know that artichokes – the super food of the Mediterranean – can assist in detoxing your liver and gallbladder, which in turn can lead to overall health and vitality? That’s right, you can count the artichoke as among your liver’s best friends.

In fact, artichokes contain such potent amounts of the phytonutrients cynarin and silymarin, that artichoke extract is sold as prescription-only liver and hypertension remedies in Europe!

As long as we’re running down a list of fun facts about chokes, did you know that there are more than 140 varieties of artichoke worldwide, but only a very few are readily available to consumers. You’re probably most familiar with the ”Green Globe” variety of artichoke that accounts for more than 90 percent of domestic artichoke production here in United States.

And those “baby” artichokes that look so darned cute next to their bigger brothers and sisters? Well, those aren’t babies at all. They’re are fully mature buds that are pulled from the lower portion of the plant where less sun stunts their growth, but fortunately, not their Read the rest of this entry…

Weight Watchers Assigns Zero Points to Fruits and Vegetables

Weight Watchers is a pretty big deal when it comes to healthy eating, so when this healthy eating-focused powerhouse goes on record touting the benefits of fruits and vegetables like those offered by Green Giant® Fresh, we can’t help but get a little giddy about it.

The Points Plus System from Weight Watchers is one of the simplest, most effective methods of weight loss around. Without the common total restriction of your favorite foods, Weight Watchers created a system assigning points to various food items that allows you to continue indulging your cravings in proper proportion to the rest of your diet.

According to Karen Miller-Kovach, Weight Watchers’ chief science officer, the new system was designed to encourage consumption of more nutrient-rich foods that would fill both the belly and the body’s nutritional needs.

With a focus on vitality and sustainable lifelong change, Miller-Kovach designed the new Points Plus system to curb your cravings rather than leaving you in a lurch with hunger pangs gnawing at your gut out all day.

Unlike the original points system, Points Plus allows for free consumption of Read the rest of this entry…

Move Over Food Pyramid – Say Hello to ‘MyPlate’

As we reported in April, the latest edition of the federal government’s Dietary Guidelines for Americans is now available, and this week the U.S. Department of Agriculture unveiled its new food icon — called MyPlate — in ceremonies that included First Lady Michelle Obama, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Surgeon General Regina Benjamin.

The icon (right), which is meant to serve as a reminder we should begin making healthier food choices, is a multicolored dinner plate that shows us how to build a healthy plate of food.

And, of course, those of us at Green Giant® Fresh couldn’t be happier, since literally half of that food plate icon features fruits and vegetables. In fact, there’s just no hiding the message in this delightful and colorful symbol that emphasizes the importance of the fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy food groups.

But what’s truly refreshing about this new-generation icon is its simplicity. In their remarks during the ceremonies, all three speakers touched on the simple message that is inherent in this icon. First Lady Obama said, “This is a quick, simple reminder for all of us to be more mindful of the foods that we’re eating,” adding, “We have to take a look at our kids’ plates. As long as they’re half full of fruits and vegetables, and paired with lean proteins, whole grains and low-fat dairy, we’re golden. That’s how easy it is.”

Secretary Vilsack echoed that notion, saying, Read the rest of this entry…